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  • News@6 Spring 2018 May 3, 2018
    In this issue: Marty's Message: From Bargaining to Politics, Members Making a Difference Ontario Election - In It To Win It Ontario Election - Steelworkers Vote Ontario Election - Steelworkers Run as Candidates Bargaining Successes Retirees First - Scott Duvall's End Pension Theft Campaign A New NAFTA Must Help Workers Power Up - D6 Conference […]
  • Ontario Steelworkers Talk to Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath May 3, 2018
    Thanks to Steelworkers from across Ontario for participating in our telephone town hall with Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and USW Ontario Director Marty Warren on April 30. Steelworkers got to hear from Andrea about her plan for a better Ontario – better hydro, better health care and better jobs. Members from across Ontario spoke […]
  • Accelerate! Accelerate! Said the Workers to Their Wages April 27, 2018
    The recent wage data provided by Statistics Canada, from their monthly Labour Force Survey (LFS), is encouraging. The data for March 2018 confirms the trend we began to see emerge in late 2017. After stagnating for much of 2016 and 2017, wage growth appears to be finally accelerating. For the sixth month in a row, […]
  • "Be More Than A Bystander” Training Already Making An Impression April 18, 2018
    It seems that every time you open a newspaper or turn on the six o’clock news these days, you’re surrounded by bad news. Whether it’s the chaotic sideshow of American politics or the latest political scandal here at home, it can make you deeply cynical about the state of our world. That’s why it’s even […]
  • Introducing Atkinson Foundation Podcast: Just Work It April 10, 2018
    The millennial generation spans two decades, 1981 to 2001. We all grew up with technology. The first wave grew up with personal computers, cell phones and video game systems. The second is known for their tablets, smartphones and apps. We have the edge over our parents and grandparents when it comes to communications, media and […]
  • Workers Were Sold a Lie March 27, 2018
    As NAFTA renegotiations drag on, Steelworkers and our allies across the continent are dogging the governments of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico with a clear message: if this trade agreement is worth saving, it must serve the interests of working people. An open letter co-authored by leaders of the USW and Los Mineros, Mexico’s mineworkers union, […]
  • Stepping Up to Stop Harassment March 22, 2018
    Speak Out. Speak Up. Believe Survivors. The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have revealed just how prevalent and pervasive sexual harassment is. More and more women are bravely coming forward with stories of sexual harassment by men in positions of power. Why do we call these women ‘brave’? Because the least-common response to harassment (of any […]
  • Canadian Health Care Workers Find Common Ground March 14, 2018
    Health care workers in western Canada are all members of amalgamated locals, which brings a unique set of challenges. Health care is not typically the dominant sector in these locals, and there are not always opportunities for health care workers to connect as a group. This is why meetings like the one that took place […]
  • Young Workers Building Solidarity Across Borders and Seas March 6, 2018
    Palm trees, white sand, blue seas, and countless hours of sun – that’s how most people see, imagine and expect Cuba to be. What most people don’t see or know about Cuba is that it is home to an inclusive and worker-friendly nation. While resorts are designed to operate in a capitalist system, in socialist […]
  • Canada’s Exclusion from U.S. Aluminum, Steel Tariffs Clearly Warranted March 1, 2018
    TORONTO, MONTREAL – Canada’s steel and aluminum producers clearly must be excluded from U.S. import tariffs announced today by President Donald Trump, the United Steelworkers (USW) says. “The evidence is clear that Canadian steel and aluminum imports are not part of the problem that the U.S. administration is trying to address through its Section 232 […]
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