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  • Stepping Up to Stop Harassment March 22, 2018
    Speak Out. Speak Up. Believe Survivors. The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have revealed just how prevalent and pervasive sexual harassment is. More and more women are bravely coming forward with stories of sexual harassment by men in positions of power. Why do we call these women ‘brave’? Because the least-common response to harassment (of any […]
  • Canadian Health Care Workers Find Common Ground March 14, 2018
    Health care workers in western Canada are all members of amalgamated locals, which brings a unique set of challenges. Health care is not typically the dominant sector in these locals, and there are not always opportunities for health care workers to connect as a group. This is why meetings like the one that took place […]
  • Young Workers Building Solidarity Across Borders and Seas March 6, 2018
    Palm trees, white sand, blue seas, and countless hours of sun – that’s how most people see, imagine and expect Cuba to be. What most people don’t see or know about Cuba is that it is home to an inclusive and worker-friendly nation. While resorts are designed to operate in a capitalist system, in socialist […]
  • Canada’s Exclusion from U.S. Aluminum, Steel Tariffs Clearly Warranted March 1, 2018
    TORONTO, MONTREAL – Canada’s steel and aluminum producers clearly must be excluded from U.S. import tariffs announced today by President Donald Trump, the United Steelworkers (USW) says. “The evidence is clear that Canadian steel and aluminum imports are not part of the problem that the U.S. administration is trying to address through its Section 232 […]
  • Steelworkers Hoping New Owner Comes Forward for Hamilton Specialty Bar March 1, 2018
    HAMILTON – United Steelworkers (USW) representatives say they are doing everything they can to help find a new owner for the Hamilton Specialty Bar (HSB) mill that is in receivership and facing imminent closure. “We have been informed that a motion to liquidate the company will be heard in court on March 14, as no […]
  • Join the USW in saying NO to violence, harassment against women March 1, 2018
    Violence seriously impacts women workers' lives around the globe, with sexual harassment its most reported form. Violence against women is a violation of women’s human rights. It is an obstacle to gender equality. Violence against women at work is a core trade union issue affecting workers’ rights, safety, health and dignity. All forms of violence […]
  • Locked-Out ABI Steelworkers Confront Alcoa CEO in Florida February 27, 2018
    HOLLYWOOD, FL, Feb. 27, 2018 - Quebec Steelworkers have travelled 2,800 kilometres to Florida to confront Alcoa CEO Roy Harvey for the seven-week lockout of employees at the ABI aluminum smelter that is damaging an entire region's economy. Locked-out ABI employees from Bécancour, Que., are demonstrating today outside the BMO Global Metals and Mining Conference, where Harvey […]
  • KL Gold’s Delay Tactics Unnecessary, Undemocratic, Steelworkers Say February 27, 2018
    KIRKLAND LAKE, Ont. – The United Steelworkers (USW) is denouncing Kirkland Lake Gold’s ongoing attempts to prolong the process to determine if employees will join the union. A secret-ballot vote was held last November to allow KL Gold’s Macassa Mine employees to decide if they wanted to join the USW. Since then ballot boxes have […]
  • Liberal Budget Fails to Really “Put People First” February 27, 2018
    OTTAWA – The 2018 federal budget is not aimed at benefiting working Canadians or retirees, despite the Liberal government’s claim that the budget “puts people first.” “The finance minister says he will seek ‘feedback’ from Canadian pensioners and take an ‘evidence-based’ approach to retirement security. What more evidence does he need than the thousands of […]
  • Introducing CLC Podcast: Smoke & Mirrors February 16, 2018
    This Black History Month, the podcast SMOKE & MIRRORS: Uncovering Truths about Human Rights in Canada names critical issues in the state of human rights in Canada and what Canada’s unions can do to address them. Real conversations about race, anti-Black racism, and the realities lived by Black workers are more important now than ever before. […]
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